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            Hear from NVIDIA employees on the promise of AI.

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            Learn about our people and our inclusive culture.

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            Corporate Social Responsibility at NVIDIA

            The world is continuously looking for innovative ways to improve our lives through technology. We’re committed to championing that mission in a socially responsible way that helps us all live safer, longer, and better.

            $2 Billion Invested in Self-Driving Car Research and Development


            invested in self-driving car research and development

            22 out of 25 of the World's Most Energy-Efficient Supercomputers are Powered by NVIDIA


            of 25 of the world’s most energy-efficient supercomputers powered by NVIDIA

            100,000s of Medical Devices are Powered by NVIDIA Technology


            of medical devices powered by NVIDIA

            NVIDIA Employee Working on Self-Driving Vehicle

            Products With Purpose

            Our commitment to making a positive impact in the world reaches far beyond creating new products that improve our lives.

            It’s about discovering more ethical and sustainable ways to bring them to life—from the materials and processes we use to how our employees travel and collaborate.

            NVIDIA Employees Working on a Robot

            People First

            Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. In fact, NVIDIA landed the top spot on Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Artificial Intelligence.

            But people are the key to our success. Our employees are tackling hard problems—transforming industries and creating technologies that feel like magic.

            Technology for Good

            Unlocking new medical treatments to fight cancer. Reducing traffic congestion and fatalities. Saving crops and oceans. There’s no limit to the environmental and social good that our technologies can help our partners deliver.

            Reducing Herbicides

            Nvidia CSR Reducing Herbicides

            Blue River’s image recognition algorithms immediately distinguish a weed from a crop, enabling a robotic sprayer to zap each weed individually with herbicide.

            Transforming Healthcare

            Nvidia CSR Transforming Healthcare

            InformAI is stepping in to help improve productivity and reduce fatigue for radiologists by building deep learning tools that help them analyze medical scans faster.

            Making Driving Safer

            Nvidia CSR Self Driving Cars

            The end product alone isn’t what makes a new technology safe. It’s everything that goes into it—from design to development to manufacturing.


            AI will infuse intelligence into untold numbers of computing devices, affecting every industry and bringing improved health, safety, and productivity to people globally. Hear from NVIDIA employees why they’re excited about an AI future.

            AI and the Future

            Harnessing AI to address some of our biggest challenges.


            Transforming healthcare from detection to diagnosis to treatment.

            Self-Driving Cars

            Autonomous driving will dramatically change the future of transportation.


            Accelerating automation across industries for a safer, smarter world.