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            Powering over a decade of award-worthy Visual Effects

            NVIDIA Wins Google Cloud Partner of the Year for Media and Entertainment

            AI for M&E

            Join this webinar to learn how Digital Domain uses NVIDIA technology to develop AI-based toolsets for applying deep learning to their content creation pipeline.


            Leveraging NVIDIA Quadro vDWS to Streamline Production & Training

            RTX Server

            NVIDIA, Image Engine and Autodesk Showcase RTX Server Using Production Assets from Lost in Space

            Inspiring Creativity in the Media and Entertainment Industry

            NVIDIA is used by the world’s leading film and production studios to power the most advanced, visually rich feature films ever created. Discover how our cutting-edge technologies like deep learning, simulation, real-time rendering, and virtual production make box office record-breakers and Academy Award-winning pictures possible.


            Accelerate and Elevate Your Production with NVIDIA

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            Beyond the Big Picture

            Media Entertainment Film Alita

            Content Creation

            Increase production value while staying on time and on budget, enhance creativity, and reduce costly errors that appear later in the production process.


            Create the most beautiful and accurately lit renders faster than ever before with NVIDIA RTX? and dedicated ray-tracing technology.

            Post Production

            Work natively in real-time with 8K RAW files on the timeline without pre-caching or generating proxies.

            Artificial Intelligence

            Use AI assistants to reduce repetitive tasks and create content much faster. Advanced analytics can help you understand your audience better than ever before.  

            Live on the Air

            Entertainment Broadcast

            On-Air Graphics

            Broadcast cinematic-quality virtual sets live over the air with real-time ray tracing. Engage your audience with dynamic graphics created from external data sources.

            Video Editing

            Get on the air faster than ever before by editing in real-time at resolutions up to 8K—without wasting time generating proxies.


            Deliver the story as it breaks using faster-than-real-time, GPU-accelerated video decoding and encoding.

            Artificial Intelligence

            Understand your content archives better with object detection and auto-metadata tagging. Bring aging content to the modern age with new video enhancing technology.

            Advancing Advertising

            Entertainment Advertising
            Entertainment Advertising

            Content Creation

            NVIDIA RTX accelerates 2D content creation and opens up a new dimension of real-time 3D illustration, animation, and rendering.

            Video Production

            Edit and color grade in real-time without pre-caching or generating proxies. Immerse your audiences with amazing 360 video with GPU-accelerated applications like Adobe Premiere Pro.

            Multi-Channel Delivery

            Deliver to any device with dynamic content resizing and faster-than-real-time video encoding.

            Artificial Intelligence

            Create content faster with AI tools using Adobe Sensei or NVIDIA NGX. Reduce time to insights and sell through ad inventories faster with precise content targeting.


            Discover how real-time ray tracing is powering the next generation of content production pipelines and what RTX technologies can do for rendering film-qualify, photorealistic characters, objects and environments.


            Discover how real-time ray tracing is powering the next generation of content production pipelines and what RTX technologies can do for rendering film-qualify, photorealistic characters, objects and environments.


            Learn how advanced technologies such as AI for content creation, 8K HDR video production, and real-time ray tracing with physically-based materials are used to create complex effects and animations in media and entertainment.

            State-of-the-art solutions

            Elevate your production with NVIDIA Technologies

            Nvidia Industry Media Entertainment GPU Rendering RTX Family

            GPU Rendering

            Iterate more, render faster, and gain distinct advantages over CPU rendering, from previsualization through final frames. NVIDIA RTX Server render nodes can deliver up to 60X the performance of dual-CPU nodes. With new RT Cores, photorealistic ray-tracing can now be achieved in real-time, enabling higher fidelity workflows from interactive rendering to virtual production.

            Nvidia Industry Media Entertainment AI Tensorcores

            Artificial Intelligence

            AI can be applied to every facet of the production pipeline. NVIDIA Quadro RTX? GPUs now feature Tensor Cores to accelerate deep learning tasks, reduce workflow redundancy, dramatically simplify content creation with NVIDIA NGX, accelerate animation, expand the possibilities of image and video processing, and effortless auto-tag to manage stored content.

            Nvidia Industry Media Entertainment Location Based Entertainment

            Location-Based Entertainment (LBE)

            VR, AR, and mixed reality are used to create deeply immersive experiences for guests at theme parks, malls, movie theater lobbies, and family entertainment centers. NVIDIA VR-ready GPUs power many of these experiences, which often incorporate real-world objects, haptics, and motion simulation to enhance participant excitement.  

            Nvidia Industry Media Entertainment Virtualization Grid


            Industry consolidation, geographically dispersed productions, and increased security concerns are driving M&E firms to explore  desktop virtualization from public and private clouds. With NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) or NVIDIA GRID? software and NVIDIA GPUs, M&E professionals can keep projects moving forward securely, while scaling compute resources to meet specific project needs.

            Nvidia Industry Media Entertainment Robotics

            Mobile Computing

            When desktop-class workstation performance is required on set or on-the-go for color-accurate remote production or dailies reviews, NVIDIA  Quadro-powered mobile workstations are called upon. NVIDIA embedded GPUs enable drones and UAVs for location scouting and photogrammetry, robots and autonomous vehicles for theme parks and attractions, and augmented reality HMDs for engaging audiences with the world in new ways.


            Powering creative applications for cutting-edge entertainment.

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